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Arraby’s Snore No More


This is an all natural sleep remedy that really works!

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Arraby’s Snore No More is an all natural, breathe only remedy that opens the air ways to stop, or in some cases, drastically reduce snoring. Also works on cold, sinus and allergy congestion in kids and adults. Superb value! 100ml Jar will last between 6 months to a year! This Aromatherapy contains a blend of four essential oils, mostly marjoram but also eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender.

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Suggested Use

At bedtime open the jar. Hold close to your nose and mouth, take 4-5 deep breaths. Leave it open near where you will be sleeping. In the morning re-cap. Repeat nightly.

Important Information

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Flush with water. Depending on the severity of the irritation, seek medical attention. Do not ingest. Pregnant and nursing women and infants shouldn't be exposed to Snore-No-More on a nightly basis.


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