Our Members

The Camp Kerry Society’s members are an integral part of who we are, and as a Society we are accountable to our members. If you wish to support the Camp Kerry Society and want to contribute to our future then one of the best ways to do so is to become a member today.

It is the members who vote at the annual general meeting and elect the Board of Directors. The Board approves budgets, votes on policies, and ensures that the programs we offer reflect our mission and values. The Board looks for feedback from members and the public so that they can be assured they are meeting the needs of our communities. As a member you essentially have a voice in what we do and how we do it.

As a member you will not only have a voice in the operations of our society but also access to the latest up to date information we have to share. You will be provided with hard copies of our News Letters and have access to some of our special events, activities and more.

We offer individual and family membership rates: Individual – 1year/$20, 3years/$30, Family – 1 year/$40, 3 years/$60). Each member is valued for their input and contribution in terms of the development and delivery of the Camp Kerry Society’s programs, so it is important to us that each member has the ability to remain current at all times. In order to do this we will send a reminder for renewal prior to your expiration date, so you don’t worry about marking your calendar.

To become a member complete the Online Membership Form below.

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