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Supporting Children, Youth, Adults & Families impacted by serious illness, grief & loss.

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In an ideal world nobody would lose a loved one.

For those that do, we are here to help.

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Reflective Writing Series

Reflective Writing Series

This series is designed to support participants with any processing they may want to do specific to their grief while also supporting the reflective process. The intention of this series is to inspire and open some new pathways of listening rather than about becoming a better writer.

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Connections: Beyond the Virus 2020 Fall Sessions

Connections: Beyond the Virus 2020 Fall Sessions

This 6-week online program provides opportunities for adults, who have been bereaved during COVID-19, to connect and to share their experiences of loss in a supportive, compassionate environment with others who understand the unique challenges of losing a loved one during a pandemic.

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Kaleidoscope 2020: A Virtual Grief Convention

Kaleidoscope 2020: A Virtual Grief Convention

Kaleidoscope 2020 is the Camp Kerry Society’s first Virtual Grief Convention for Families and Professionals. From September 24 – 27th, we will gather as a community impacted by serious illness, grief and loss to share in four days of connection, inspired learning and hope.

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Monthly Giving

In Canada there is virtually no government funding designated for bereavement care, yet it is well documented that unresolved grief can lead to an array of health concerns including; anxiety, depression, addiction, and more.

For every loss, it is estimated that at least five people will be significantly impacted, yet very few have access to adequate long-term supports. 

Every donation that you give to the Camp Kerry Society helps us to provide support to children, youth, individuals and families impacted by loss and to those living with a serious illness. As a result of people like you, lives are being transformed across Canada.

By becoming a sustaining partner through Giving Monthly donations you can help us provide hope and support life after loss. 

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